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Warm Fuzzies: A Buyer’s Guide To Vintage Furs

With the Midwest still very much caught in the icy grip of winter, I thought today would be a good opportunity to share one of my interests that I don’t discuss on the blog often—vintage furs. Fur isn’t for everyone, but it was less controversial just a few generations ago. I’ve always been fascinated with […]

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Weekend Finds: A Sonic Experience

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been super motivated for garage sales lately. Why? They haven’t been that great. As much as I love a good sale, hours of driving around and burning gas and finding nothing great is not ideal. But I set my pessimism aside this weekend for some citywide sales that […]

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Weekend Finds: Folding Fun and Fashion

This weekend was not the rich tapestry of sales and finds that last weekend was, despite the sudden burst of June-like weather. But with what little shopping I did, I found some fun stuff. First off was a 1950s Cosco folding table and chairs. This is probably one of the sexiest $10 card tables ever, […]

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The Road Trip: Part I

Think back to what you were doing last Thursday at around, oh, 3 a.m. You were asleep? Slackers. I was on the road, headed toward an estate sale. I teased you with this last week and now it’s time to finally reveal the spoils in a two-part post. Normally I limit my adventures to the […]

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Vintage Varsity Flair

A couple weekends ago I popped into a thrift store I frequent, but rarely find anything at. On this occasion, however, I managed to score an entire cart full of great vintage clothes. While most of these will end up being gifts or resold, there was one item that was all for me, this 1930s […]

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