The Semiannual Booksale

There’s one thing I attend every year without fail: an enormous biannual book sale. Never mind that I have hundreds of vintage books. This is the place where I’ve found the bulk of them and I always find at least one amazing book. The prices have been steadily climbing, but people must have complained because this year things were extremely reasonably priced. About $0.75 a book. There were some treasures to be found, and my son was content to let us look around for well over our usual stay as long as I kept tossing Thomas the Tank Engine books in the cart with him. Beni Montresor Cover I Saw a Ship A-Sailing, by Beni Montresor, ©1967. I own one other Beni Montresor and yeah…it’s crazy in a good way too. Montresor grew up in Italy and illustrated several books. He also produced operas, designed sets, lighting and even costumes. This book was influenced by his childhood which was spent studying medieval and renaissance frescoes. The illustrations are so vibrant and there are cats everywhere. Cats in houses, cats with wigs and cats in ships. Each page is paired with a nursery rhyme, and my son really liked how weird it is.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary.


A lion in a hot air balloon? Sign me up.


Tom Tit Tot Cover

Tom Tit Tot by Evaline Ness, ©1965. An English spin on Rumpelstiltskin, this book is a Caldecott Honor. The illustrations are so amazing and I love the color palette.TomTitTot_Page1 TomTitTot_Page2 TomTitTot_Page3


Papa Pompino by Martha Bennett King, illustrated by Jan B. Balet ©1959. Perhaps my best find of the day is this. Unfortunately the title translates to a naughty Italian slang word (trust me, don’t Google it) and therefore I couldn’t find out too much about the book, only that it’s awesome. Apparently it’s a “Slottie Library Book” and usually comes with a page that has a design cut out of paper that can be assembled. Mine is sadly missing along with its dust jacket. Oh well, still worth it.

PapaPompino_Page4PapaPompino_Page1PapaPompino_Page5PapaPompino_Page2Yes, the colors really are this bright. They’re amazing and every page is in such great condition. I keep thinking how wonderful these would look as prints in a child’s room, or even painted on a wall with those diamonds and the vibrant colors.

There were a few other finds, but none as fun and unique as these. What do you think? Do any of you have these books in your personal library?

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