The China That Almost Was

Today I drove by a few signs saying, “BIG SALE!” Normally, I have at least one screaming child in the car and don’t stop. But this sale was seriously two minutes from my house and I decided we would conquer it.

There was quite a bit of nonsense, but I did happen upon this beautiful set of china. It had a complete twelve place settings except for one teacup.


Sorry for the crummy picture. You’ll see why I don’t have a good photo.

Now, normally I’m not a china person. For some reason, this pattern called to me. They looked like orioles, my husband’s late grandma’s favorite bird. They were the family’s great aunt’s, and probably around ninety years old. We worked out a great deal and I went to work packing them up and took them to the car.

If there’s one thing about Iowa it’s that everyone knows everyone. This great aunt was from a small town and I was going to write down her name and do some research and see if I couldn’t find out a bit about her. While I was waiting for the family to write down the name, the eldest of six siblings showed up. They introduced me and said I was buying aunt so and so’s china, and the sibling started crying and shaking. She had reserved the china as something she wanted and it had accidentally been placed in the sale. What?

So, I drove away with it as fast as I could. Just kidding. I helped her unpack it and told her it was no big deal. Thank goodness I hadn’t left five minutes prior. Here’s hoping I come upon this pattern again.

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    I love this post!

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