The Giant Project

Slowly I’m unpacking some Christmas cheer around the household, feeling great about things, and then I came across this enormous lithograph that few know I have and became slightly overwhelmed at its state of affairs. Actually, I am the only person who knows I have it, as I have hidden it in the basement as I do with most things that are frivolous and impractical. Housed there in addition to the lithograph are several lamp bases, a huge wooden trunk I’m 90% done with refinishing and boxes of old board games. Not even Austin, Tammy, or even my husband knew about it. Until now…

Nativity Lithograph Full Image

This nativity scene is commanding: 77 1/2″ by 52″. The colors are simply amazing and these images don’t do them justice. They are so saturated and beautiful in real life.

Nativity Lithograph Wise Men Detail

Check out all of the attention to detail. I’m particularly fond of the wise man’s shoe and all of the rich fabrics.

This lithograph is amazing. From the markings in the margins, this piece is from Phillip Sales, Inc. With a little Googling I found a site where another owner was extremely excited to find a similar lithograph and talked to someone from Phillip Sales. They were able to date his piece to 1958–1960.

When I found this at a church garage sale, it was all rolled up, damaged along one side, and had “poster for garage door” written in script on it. But at its size, I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I’m thinking of mounting it to a board, then framing it out with some interesting framing. What do you think? But that still leaves a giant board over 4′ x 6′. Storage will be an issue. It’s just so amazing I can’t give it up. You’ll have to guess how much I paid for it. Yup, $0.50.

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