The Mysterious Art Deco Lamp

Over the holidays I received a package from a friend and client. She has been over to our first house a few times and knew I was a psycho enthusiast for all things vintage. There was a nice note saying this piece was her mom’s and sat up on a shelf in their house for many years. She had thought it was so neat since she was a little girl and wanted it to go to a good home where it would be loved.

What I received is beautiful and mysterious.

Helen Dryden Lamp

This lamp had been rewired and had new felt and no markings. I searched for “metal Art Deco face lamp,” “silver lady lamp,” “1930s lamp no one can photograph because it’s so reflective” and found nothing. I told Tammy about it and sent her a crummy picture. She emailed me back twenty minutes later with a link.

My husband jokes I don’t know how to Google anything, but I think Tammy is just magic.

This chrome-plated lamp was designed by industrial designer and illustrator Helen Dryden in 1937. Tammy was equally excited to see Ms. Dryden also illustrated several Vogue covers. She was a very successful designer and even had a hand designing the interior of the 1936 Studebaker Dictator and President vehicles.

Helen Dryden Vogue

Helen Dryden’s Vogue catalog cover in 1921. From

Helen Dryden Vogue 1913

Helen Dryden’s Vogue catalog cover in 1913. From

This piece has such an interesting history and I love that it is from a dear friend. Now to find the perfect place to display it.

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