The Perfect Chair for an Imperfect Plan

Things move a bit slowly when it comes to major design overhauls of my own home. I’ve been plotting a redesign of my living room for over two years and I’m only now inching toward that becoming any sort of reality. It’s not that I don’t have the vision, it’s that I have visions all the time. Getting into the chaos of changing up an entire room is something that requires a concrete plan—every time I drag home a new amazing chair, that plan goes right out the window.

But this time I think I’ve found the chair. The chair that’s so great the chances of randomly finding another that fits the bill better are very slim.


Sexy, right? Get a load of it in profile:


Boom. Perfect chair. It was love at first sight. I saw it. I called and bought it. I drove three hours to get it. It’s going to have to be reupholstered and that complicates things. What fabric do I put on it? I already had a chair I had planned on using and had picked out fabric for…

Sorry Flexsteel, you didn't make the team after all

Sorry Flexsteel, you didn’t make the team after all

But the fabric I had planned to use on this gold chair just won’t work with the chair I just bought. Bummer. Another option would be to cover it in the same fabric I used on this sofa.



Although I apologize for not having a picture of the completed sofa (it’s been sitting in my garage under a drop cloth for nearly a year), I had it covered in Rivington by Knoll Textiles in the Parchment color way. I probably have enough of this left to do the chair, but the idea of that is feeling a little too matchy-matchy to me. I feel like if the couch and chair matched they’d always need to be separated by another piece of furniture that’s a contrasting color.


Another option would be the fabric I had bought for these Knoll chairs designed by Eero Saarinen.


I thought these would make great side chairs in my living room and I liked the idea of this bright red-orange fabric. Again, Rivington by Knoll Textiles, this time in the Paprika color way.


As much as love this for the Saarinen chairs, I’m loving the idea of the chair being in the same fabric as the sofa but a different color. But if I do this, I’ll have no fabric for my Saarinen chairs. Of course I could always use the fabric I had bought for this Adrian Pearsall chair:


This will also be going in my living room and I wanted it to be a fuzzy little nest in Classic Boucle by Knoll Textiles in the Pearl color way.


But this creamy wool fabric would also look amazing on the Saarinen chairs, leaving my Pearsall chair naked. Decisions, decisions. I guess the only way out of this is to find the perfect fourth fabric to add to this mix and then decide which chair to put it on. Ugh! I’m so close to this room finally coming together and yet I feel like I’m farther away than ever before. But I can tell you one thing, once this is done I am keeping all of these pieces until the day I die.

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