The Puzzling Question

Puzzles can be a hard thing to purchase second-hand. There’s no way of telling if you will have all the pieces or not. You can always ask the seller if all the pieces are there but pieces can disappear so easily that I can understand how they could get it wrong. If you have the time you could count the pieces in the box (which I have never done), or just take a chance. There is nothing more annoying than having a puzzle almost complete and discovering you have pieces missing. So is it a chance worth taking? You might end up completely bummed when you find out it’s not complete or super excited to find out your gamble paid off.

I decided to risk it this weekend when I found two early 1980’s puzzles at a garage sale. These were an unexpected find since the sale was filled with kids toys and clothes that were only a year or two old. I did pick up a few clothing items for my boys before I noticed these two vintage puzzles. I had to ask the guy having the sale if the puzzles had been his as a child and yes they had been.

So we got our $1.00 worth of fun out of them that evening. I put the He-Man, Masters of the Universe puzzle together. It is a Mattel, Inc. puzzle dated 1983. What screams early 1980s boys cartoon more than He-Man?

He-man Puzzle

It’s Complete!

While I put the He-Man puzzle together, my husband worked on the GI Joe puzzle. I love the colors of this one. This puzzle is by Hasbro, Inc. with a copyright date of 1982 on the box. This is where we had some disappointment. The poor guy’s foot was missing! My husband said it was probably a land mine. Hehe!

GI Joe

But lucky for us my son spotted the last piece about an hour later. Yah!

GI Joe

I say take the chance and buy the puzzle. It will put a bit of suspense into your puzzle solving.

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