The Road Trip: Part II

As you may recall from Part I of this post, I had left a couple bids on some furniture at a tag sale over 100 miles away. The next day I awaited the phone call uncertain of whether I hoped to win the bid or not, lest I spend another day on the road for them. But near the end of the day the phone rang. I didn’t get everything, but I did get this:

Drexel TableAnd these:

Drexel_SidesThe Drexel Declaration tables that prompted me to even go to this sale in the first place were finally mine. This officially makes four pieces I’ve found this year alone, if you’ll recall the matching console stereo I found earlier this summer. I don’t know what it is about this line of furniture, but I just love everything about it. It’s stately yet modern and extremely well made.


Drexel_InlayThe rosewood inlay on the top of the coffee table is such a refined detail. It was the main motivator behind this purchase. Unfortunately these tables have lived their lives behind floor to ceiling windows and have badly sun bleached. I’ll have to strip them down and break out the Danish oil to get the color of the wood back to where it should be. I’m up for the challenge.

I went back to pick these up the day after the final day of the sale. Since I was there, I couldn’t help but ask, “Is anything left still for sale?” It was and they were making deals. One of them was this working Zenith AM/FM clock radio for only $1. Solid.


My final purchase at the house was one that I’d grow to have mixed feelings about through the course of the day. Remember those floor to ceiling windows I mentioned? I asked if the drapes covering them were for sale. They were. $10 for all of them—all 26 feet of them. That’s right, 26 feet of gold, antique satin, fully lined drapes. They’re so rich and very 1960s. What I did not realize, however, was that these were custom made for the house in two, continuous 13-foot panels. They’re so big and heavy that once off the rods they were nearly impossible to handle. We’d spend the rest of the day shuffling them around the car and constantly attempting in vain to refold them. Even now they’re just sitting as a giant gold mountain in the middle of my living room. But I stand by them. They’ll look killer in my bedroom.


Having seen every thrift store in town only two days prior, I decided not to spend time seeing if they’d changed much in 48 hours. But I had missed the local ReStore on the first trip. If you’re unfamiliar with ReStores, they resell donated home improvement items to benefit Habitat for Humanity. They have everything from antique doors and trim to bathroom fixtures, tools and flooring. I go to them often to look for vintage light fixtures. At this store, I found two.

LightsNothing amazing, but they’re still pretty iconic. Plus if I find a mid-century house with an all glass entryway, I’ll at least need one. But these weren’t my big find here. As I was walking down the main aisle, I saw this sitting under a huge cardboard box:

Aeron1A Herman Miller Aeron Chair! Ok, so it’s not really vintage. But it’s a pretty great ergonomic office chair. I actually have one at my desk at home, but it’s only a size B. This chair is the larger size C and will be much more comfortable. Regardless, finding a $1,000 chair for $30 set a good tone for the day. With that, I decided to venture up to a nearby town I’d visited on the first trip and pick up a couple thrift store finds I couldn’t fit in the car on day one.

ChairsWhen I saw these chairs at a thrift store on the first trip, it was just killing me to leave them behind. Not that they’re super modern or designer or anything, I just thought they were super cute and in amazing shape. They just weren’t worth taking extraordinary measures to obtain that day—even if they were 25% off. But today there was room and these were mine.

Chairs_FabricIf not for the fabric, these would be nothing. It’s just such lovely colors and textures. These didn’t go in the car easily by the way. Everything had to be unloaded from the car to squeeze them in. Momentarily it looked like I was setting up a living room on the parkway. It didn’t help that all the while I was under siege by a swarm of biting flies. But alas, they were in and I finally knew exactly how much it takes to fill my car to capacity.

I probably should have stopped there, but a local tag sale the next drew me back out of the house. I was lured there by an amazing light fixture I was hoping to buy for my bedroom. When I discovered it was broken, it kind of shattered my dreams, but I managed to find a couple cool things at the sale. First is this unsigned print. I can’t tell exactly what it is supposed to be, but it appears to have been made with some sort of intaglio printing technique. Could be one of a kind, could be one of millions. Either way, I thought it looked cool.


I also found this Royal Doulton luncheon set. It’s hard to show in the photo clearly, but the color is an amazing intense red-orange. It’s a complete service for 12 and, amazingly, there isn’t even a single chip in the lot. They don’t even show any signs of being used at all.

Royal DoultonAnd that capped off the weekend. An exhausting but exciting weekend at that. Now I just have to snap back to reality and face the pile of recently purchased goods that need washing, repair and organizing. I think I’ll take a quick nap first. Or maybe hit up a thrift store…

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