The Weekend Challenge

Saturday morning I went to garage sales with my dad, while my sister went with my mom. Since we were hitting different sales in the same town we decided to have a pickers challenge to see who would finish with the best finds. I was sure dad and I would win.

We both did well but the top finds I found were items for my sister, while her top finds were ones for me! Here is my haul home for her. She is an art teacher so I knew she would love these! Tiny vintage vials of paint pigments for mixing your own paint colors. There are a good number of them so they will be fun to display.


challenge 11

Along with the paint vials I found her this Cameo Transparent Water Color book. I paid a total of $1.00 for all my finds.


Make sure to read the charming message written on it.

Many of the pages were used, but some looked untouched. Wish I knew a little more history on this water paint supply book.

challenge 5

Now for my sister’s finds. She bought this old calculator from a lady whose father had been an accountant and used it at his job. She paid $5.00 for it knowing I would like it.



And finally the find that took the win for the day was a circa 1938 Roseville vase in the Fuchsia pattern. It has a small chip on the rim of the vase but I couldn’t care less. The chip is very light in color so I’m guessing it may have happened while sitting out at the garage sale. There is another small chip on the opposite side but it is more tan in color showing it was done years ago. Nonetheless it’s amazing and the price she paid for it is even more amazing: $2.50! Can you believe that? That’s correct, my sister and my mom are the big fat winners, but I couldn’t be a happier loser since their finds came home with me. Smiles!

Roseville Fushsia Vase


It is numbered 891-6 on the bottom.

What a great sister and mom I have. You never know what you might find while out at garage sales!

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