The Weekend of Mirrors

Apparently this weekend was my time to find many mirrors. The first question that comes to my mind isn’t, “Where am I going to put this mirror?”, rather “How much do I like this mirror?” Mirrors in my 1947 house, with its two towering ash trees and a maple tree, are my saving grace. They bounce so much of the sparse sickly light that penetrates into rooms and brightens them up. So needless to say, a new mirror will be strategically placed and I can always have more.

We’ll start from most disappointing to most amazing. Feel free to scroll down and ignore my giant misstep.

Mirror with Adhesive Showing

Darn you mirror for being so beautiful.

When I saw this mirror in a flea market my little guy was running around picking up everything in sight. I’d like to give all the blame for the flea market not being properly lit and me being distracted, but let’s be honest: I didn’t inspect this mirror close enough and fell in love with its simplicity. Do you notice it? Yes, there are marks where the adhesive for the backing was applied. I just missed it in the store and didn’t even notice it despite it being moved from room to room for placement. It was only when I took a picture of the mirror was it apparent. And now I feel silly for not noticing. Maybe in another room you’ll barely be able to see. But I’ll know it’s there…

Dresser Mirror

This next little mirror was only $3 at a local flea market. Sure, it’s plastic and fairly ubiquitous, but it will be helpful on top of a dresser. Plus I love the color.

Then we went to a tag sale and I found this. Jackpot.

Copper MirrorThis pressed copper mirror was checked over meticulously. There are a few copper nails missing so I’ll need to fix them at some point, and I’m having a little trouble sourcing them. There is some deterioration of the mirror, but I think it just adds to the charm. Mirrors in my book don’t need to be perfect (as long as it isn’t swirls of adhesive, don’t get me wrong). At first I wasn’t going to purchase it, but Tammy and Austin confirmed its amazingness and were very encouraging. When we got to the van I was still lamenting over it and knew I’d regret passing it up. I almost sprinted back in to get it. The detail is what sucked me in.

Copper Mirror Detail

The back has a sticker saying “Magazijn Tamse Zwolle.” From my research this is the foil distributor, with Magazijn meaning factory and with Zwolle being a city in the Netherlands. As far as any further dating I’m at a loss. Any thoughts?

Hopefully my next mirror purchase will be at this last mirror’s caliber. I’m still unsure of what will happen to the first mirror, but it’s questionable if it will find a place in my home or at Goodwill. We’ll see!



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