Then and Now: Kitchen Utensils

There’s nothing that angers me more than when you purchase an item and have to replace it quickly. I can’t tell you how many ice cream scoops we’ve been through and had them either break in half or become pitted and disgusting. When I buy a kitchen utensil I want it to last forever. Is that too much to ask?

Here are some of my favorite examples of the differences between kitchen utensils then and now.

Ice Cream Scoops

Egg Slicers

Melon Ballers

Here are some pros to buying then (vintage):

• Cheap! Cumulative price of then pieces: $0.75. Cumulative price of now pieces: $22.00. And the now pieces almost all came from Target. We’re not talking about high-end.

• Solid cast aluminum. These utensils aren’t metal and plastic that have been formed together; they are one piece of metal. This allows for less points of weakness and therefore a longer life. I’d be surprised if any of these vintage pieces break. I’ll let you know if they do. Currently my now ice cream scoop is pitting and coming apart from the handle.

• Recycle, recycle, recycle now (any one else remember that song?). You’re buying used: there’s no packaging and no wasted materials going into a landfill. I’ve been through four ice cream scoops. Three in the garbage. With these, the environmentally-conscious hippie in me is appeased.

I’d like to say there are no pros to buying new now (new). But there are, so keep this in mind:
• Different ergonomics. As you can tell from the ice cream scoop and melon baller, the handles on the now pieces are shaped larger. They would be better for people who have a hard time gripping, like my sweet grandpa who has arthritis. But mark my words he’d still be peeved when it broke and would go back to his 60 year old ice cream scoop.

With all of these pros of buying then outweighing the cons, here’s one of the best pros: look how amazing they look together!

Then Utensil Set

Are there any more pros and cons you can think of? We’ll be comparing more in the future so keep on checking and if you’d like to see something specific let us know.

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