Thrift Store Friday Finds

Last Friday I had an early morning appointment and then decided to hit some nearby thrift stores. I was pleasantly surprised when I started finding things. My first stop was a Salvation Army where I walked out with a pretty good sized haul. I snagged a few Easter finds for under $1.00. The ceramic egg cup has a sticker label on the bottom which reads “Diamond, Made in Japan”. The large tin egg candy container is dated 1988 and was made in Hong Kong.


I also found these brass peacock candle holders. They were priced separately at $2.00 each and were unique enough I added them to my basket.


This old picture frame was not priced and I was very happy when I asked and was given a price of $3.99. What do you think of the picture in it? Replace it or not?



My next stop was a second Salvation Army where I found this Hollywood Regency clock. I couldn’t believe it at the check out when the teller told me it was part of the 50% off sale which made it’s new price only $1.24! Crazy, right?


My last stop was Goodwill where I found another clock. I snagged it as an employee was just getting ready to set it out on a shelf. It didn’t make it to the shelf and went right into my cart. And it was only priced at $6.99. When I got home with it I was trilled to find it in working order and the clock key was hidden inside! Score!


At Goodwill I also found an Irish themed vintage advertising thermometer for $1.99. I found the tobacco tin earlier in the day at Salvation Amy and it is in wonderful condition. How could I leave it when its price tag only read $0.39!


Maybe all these finds are warming me up for the start of garage sales!

You might think I buy everything I find but I did leave this dresser behind and it was only priced at $29.00. It had so many hidden problems that I just didn’t feel like tackling. This shows you can still find fun stuff at thrift stores!


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