Toy Storage Wars

When I had my little guy over two years ago (eek!), I knew there would be toys in our future. There are toys all over our house. In the living room, kitchen, his room, our room, the office, the bathroom. Everywhere. And the thing that gets me are all the shiny bright colors that immediately grab attention when you walk into a room. You see those enormous aqua bouncy balls and those Matchbox cars huddled in a corner. But what we’ve managed to do is strategically hide them: not only in closets but also in vintage overnight bags.

Overnight Bags

On the outside they are adorable. You’d never know that there are slobber-infested teacups in the blue one. And the patterns are all so busy they all live in harmony right out in the openness of our living room.

Overnight Bags Pattern

I’m a sucker for psychedelic paisleys.

Overnight Bags ToysAnd there you have the toy stash. John Deere tractors, tin cooking sets and toy cars all hidden away in beautiful style. Originally we had his cars in a vintage 1980s car carrying case, but the new cars didn’t fit so they’ve migrated to this smaller case. I’m not so keen on the unorganized pile but the little guy doesn’t mind.

Made in the late 1960s and 1970s, these are overnight and carry-on bags for women. Normally I find these at garage sales for $2–3 and there are quite a few on Etsy if you are looking for one. Check the condition of the zippers and also give it a good whiff if you find one in person. They usually have a distinctive smell to them like powder or perfume, but I’m ok with that. I don’t want his farming toys to smell too much like a farm.


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