Underwood Stereoscope Viewer

This past Saturday the Snag team hit yet another small town having its city-wide garage sales. Angela and Austin started out earlier and in a separate car from me. I’m so glad they did, because at one of their first stops Angela bought this amazing stereoscope for me.


I have been hunting for one of these since last Summer. My post earlier this year highlights a stereograph of a castle in Switzerland I found at a garage sale.


Since finding the stereograph I have seen the viewers around but either priced higher than I want to pay or in poor condition. So, lucky for me, this time it paid to be patient.


This Stereograph was manufactured by Underwood and Underwood in New York. It has a patented date of June 11th, 1901 engraved on the bottom. It is made of aluminum and wood and both are in wonderful condition. The top of the viewer has a “sun sculpture u & u trade mark” embossed on it along with some gorgeous detailed designs.


Simply place the double picture in the slot and you can view your 3D image. You focus the picture by sliding it along the wood board. A very simple way to make an image come to life.  It feels great not to have to borrow one of Angela’s or Austin’s stereoscopes to view photos.


I’m so lucky to have great friends that are on the lookout for things they know I will love. Thanks Angela!

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