Van-Buster Weekend Part I

Truth be told, I’m the volume buyer of the group. Always have been, probably always will be. Tammy is perhaps our most enthusiastic and Angela is often our cautious voice of reason. We balance each other well, and when you take one of us out of the mix, things get, shall we say, unbalanced. This past weekend Angela was out of town, leaving Tammy’s enthusiasm and my zeal to “buy it all” totally unchecked. 3 days. 2 estate sales. 3 garage sales. 3 thrift stores. 1 flea market. 1 antique show. So much great loot, I had to break it into 2 posts!

Friday was a good start for a ridiculous shopping spree weekend. Tammy actually took the day off work just to go to an estate sale. We were almost first in line. Arriving at 7:45 a.m. for a sale that was to begin at 9 a.m., we found ourselves in a “how early is too early to line up for a tag sale?” situation. After casing the joint we went to hit up an ATM, and returned to find we were now fifth and sixth in line. To recap, it’s never too early to get in line. Nevertheless, it was a great sale. Reasonable prices, friendly people and well organized. We found ourselves going back in again and again and every time one of us thought the other was done, we’d see each other with new finds in our mits. So, what did I find?

Winfield Passion Flower Dishes

Winfield Passion Flower Dishes $24


Dishes to start with. My mother collects a particular pattern of Winfield pottery and I’m always on the prowl for it. Unfortunately all of this California hand-painted dinnerware looks very similar and “Passion Flower” isn’t her pattern. But it’s a full set in fantastic shape and it’s beautiful so I have no regrets. Dinnerware is my kryptonite. Up next…

3 Giant Paintings

From top left: Swirly acrylic floral painting $1, Mid-century skyline print $10, Daisy sofa-size oil painting $5


PAINTINGS! It’s becoming a bit of a joke that I can’t walk out of any sale without a giant painting or lamp. I walked out of this sale with three giant paintings (technically two paintings and a print). Tammy found the mid-century city skyline print for me while I was in the basement grabbing the white-framed acrylic painting in swirly blues. At $11 for the pair, they were an excellent deal. I walked by the giant daisy oil painting behind the sofa about 100 times and, not seeing a tag, assumed it was sold. Only as I was carrying the last of my pile out of the house to the van did I think to ask “has that sold?” It hadn’t. $5 later, it was in the van.

Aluminum Christmas Tree

Aluminum Christmas tree with color wheel from Younkers $45

Another major ticket item at the sale that was untagged was this aluminum Christmas tree. I’m a bit of a vintage Christmas fiend. Maybe no match for Tammy in ferocity, but definitely in volume. With nearly 20 silver trees in my arsenal, I’m always looking for something different for my collection. This tree was won for a mere $45 and includes the color wheel and original box. It appears to have been used very little, which is great. But the best news was on the side of the box. 7 feet! 209 branches?! It’s a monster tree. This is by far the fullest and most deluxe in my collection, considering 6 foot trees are much more common and only have about 48 branches.

The most important info about an aluminum tree, size, is often on the box

White GE hand mixer $1, Yellow ceramic lamp $1, Vintage wicker lamp $2.09, Western Stoneware mugs $1.50, Club Aluminum pots and pans $5, Blonde corner table $9.99


What else could you haul out of a house? I managed to snap up a vintage hand mixer (I’ll eventually get this model in every color) and a set of Club aluminum pans in sunshine yellow (my all-time favorite cookware). After packing up the van and heading back to my house to unload, we hit the road again for 3 more sales, where I grabbed this great yellow ceramic lamp, and then on to thrift stores where I bought this massive blonde corner table, 1950s wicker lamp and these Western Stoneware mugs. SO many lamps, nary a lampshade. Look for a future post on making your own lampshades. After this, we were conclusively done. With more things on our agendas, we parted ways. Or so we thought.

Damask high-back chair $19.99, Wheat-blonde rattan chair $14.99

After leaving Tammy’s house I went to Salvation Army. Hey, it’s close. I stumbled upon a bevy of like-new chairs and became enthralled in examining them and debating whether or not to acquire chairs en masse. At that moment there was a petite shoulder tap—from Tammy. We’re unstoppable. I tried my hardest to talk her into buying a pair of AMAZING chairs and she tried talking me into buying this odd couple of chairs. While examining them, the manager stopped by and offered us a deal to buy all four. How could we refuse? The tall damask tapestry covered chair is from the late 1960s and is a fairly high-end piece with a gusseted cushion and hand-tied springs in the seat. The best part? I don’t think anyone has EVER placed their bum in its well-crafted seat. The wheat-blonde side chair, on the other hand, has clearly seen many a bum. The cushions are in good shape, but show some fading and wear and will be receiving some new upholstery. But still, what a great frame with rattan details. So cute.

And that concludes Friday’s finds for me. Just Friday. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I managed to snag on Saturday and Sunday! Now, off to find somewhere to put some of this stuff…

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  1. Tina
    Posted September 13, 2012 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

    Love the high-back chair! Good find!

  2. Laura
    Posted January 12, 2013 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

    I keep coming back to the gold lounge chair. If you still have it, I am still interested.

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