Van-Buster Weekend Part II

Friday would have been a great enough score for an entire weekend. But when you’re on a roll, why stop? Saturday brought the Fairgrounds Flea Market and Sunday brought the Valley Junction Antique Jamboree and an estate sale. Following a 20-year tradition, I attended both with my mom. We each found some great items.

Royal portable typewriter $20, Kodak Model 3 box camera $5, Group of Agfa and Argus cameras $5, Checked lap blanket $1


Here we have a whole cache of gentlemanly collectibles. At the flea market I found an entire box of vintage cameras for just $5. The larger box camera (one not already in my gorged collection) came from another booth for $5. On all counts these were fantastic deals. Everyone loves decorating with cameras and these are all particularly interesting models. One camera, not pictured, even came loaded with film that I can’t wait to get developed! The checked wool lap blanket is another $1 flea market find. Finally we arrive at the typewriter. Angela may have the monopoly on typewriters at the moment, but I couldn’t say no to this amazing woodgrain-painted metal Royal portable typewriter with its carrying case at the antique show on Sunday. Unfortunately the cable for the roller is broken so it doesn’t work, but this will mostly be a set-about anyway and it looks so cool. 

Turn-of-the-century oval portrait $30, 1940s wool dressing gown $2.50


To carry on with the antiquities theme, I bought this excellent oval portrait. I have a thing for collecting pictures of people I don’t know—especially oval bubble frames and oil paintings—and this ginger beauty is among the best I’ve ever found. The styling and details are very unique and the colors are exquisite. I may find her a more elegant plaster frame from my collection lest the brass metal frame grows on me. I also found this interesting men’s dressing robe. You can tell by the quality of wool and cut and finishing of the garment that it was expensive. The lady who sold it to me said it belonged to her millionaire uncle in the 1940’s. It’s not a practical piece, with its silk trim and belt, but the pinstriped wool is quite fetching. The best part? It actually fits! That never happens with me and vintage clothes.

Vintage woven wall hangings $7

1960s sheer fabric $2

This was actually an interesting weekend for textiles and clothing overall. At the flea market I found these two vintage woven pieces. I don’t know much about them, but the textures and colors are very cool. From the same booth, I got a significant amount of this sheer 1960s printed fabric. I bought this completely with Angela in mind but, as often happens with gifts I buy for people, I find myself becoming attached.

Vintage mohair sweater $5, Blue flight bag $2.49

I also ran across this vintage men’s mohair sweater. It’s so fuzzy and fun, guaranteed to make you feel like a muppet. It’s an XL, but unfortunately a 1960s XL is more like a medium today, so it may take some fasting to actually button it. It pairs nicely with this vintage blue flight bag from Goodwill for a whopping $2.49.

Mink coat by Cownie $22, Selection of fur hats $40


Much to the chagrin of my fellow Snag cohorts, I buy, collect and sell vintage furs and fur pieces. I’ve always had a thing for fur and leather. It probably comes from a childhood full of watching black and white movies with glamorous fur-clad starlets. Or maybe it’s just because they are so soft and the craftsmanship that goes into them is truly a marvel. Either way, I keep my eyes peeled for great pieces. At the flea market, I happened upon this matched-tails mink coat by renowned local furrier, Cownie Furs. The interesting pattern is created by sewing together hundreds of small scrap pieces of mink pelts, usually the tails. this coat is exceptionally well crafted and the pelts are still soft, supple and odor-free—everything to look for in vintage fur. If my mother doesn’t take it for herself, this coat will make some fashionista’s day for sure. On Sunday I found ALL of these fur hats at an estate sale. While mink-trimmed hats are pretty common, these are all-fur hats—expensive and well made. All in all, four mink hats, including a jet-black ranch mink hat and a raccoon hat. People are always surprised at how beautiful and elegant raccoon fur is, and this gorgeous hat is a great example.

Vintage Christmas decor $7


Finally, I scored some great Christmas items. Here and there on Saturday and Sunday, I picked up all of these ornaments including some original hooks, a bottle-brush wreath and two brand new rolls of wrapping paper. Over time, these little groupings of ornaments add up. I started out years ago with a two-foot tree these days I have enough vintage glass to completely encrust a seven-foot tree.

Hopefully reading about this bumper-crop haul is enough to hold you over the weekend. We’re all off on an excursion we hope will leave us another packed van and lots of great stories. Tune in next week for the details!

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