Vintage in the Kitchen

Lately I’ve been picking up a lot of vintage kitchen goods. There are few places in the home where living with vintage items on a daily basis is easier than in the kitchen. From dishes to devices, there’s so much awesome kitchen stuff out there that, aside from silicone spatulas, I can’t even imagine what I’d need to buy new.


Two of my favorites things here are the Sunbeam T-20 toaster and the Oster Imperial beehive blender. You could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new appliances and not match the quality or performance of these chrome workhorses—and I only paid $8 for the pair (More about the care of these two to come in future posts). I always think vintage housewares feel so happy and it’s hard to ignore that fact with this bright Pyrex sunflower casserole or these colorful tile cutting boards. Why does a cutting board need a pastel drawing of fruit on it? It just does. And the designer of these, Fred Press, knew that. On the minimalist end of the spectrum, this chic white plastic 1970’s ice bucket feels like a modernist masterpiece from a Bond villain’s lair. The avocado fondue set is a little more fun than function, but it does provide storage for the forks and any extra storage in the kitchen is always welcome. The grand total was under $20—probably less than the fondue cheese.

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