Vintage Santas

I picked up all but one of these Santas at a late October garage sale. The strangest part about this two day sale was it started on a Sunday morning. My sister and I were standing in the driveway with a dozen other people waiting for the sale to start. It was a very chilly Iowa morning.

Ceramic Santas

When the sale opened I ended up with five Santas in my arms. Starting in the front row on the left is a spun head Santa elf. Next is a made in Japan bell by the Ardalt company. He is holding a sign that reads, “Seasons Greeting”.  I don’t know much about the last small Santa figurine in the front row. It’s in great condition and the bottom has a family hand written memo that reads Maxine and 1920. I hope it really dates from the 1920s, but I’m having trouble finding anything like it online. Could it be a bisque piece? If anyone has any information about it please share.

Ceramic Santa

The top left planter I bought from the flea market Angela and I went to a few weeks ago. He has wonderful spaghetti art trimmings. This little fella sure looks jolly!

Ceramic Santa

The middle top Santa in the group picture is a circa 1950’s Lefton’s Japan Planter. His bag is the planter which hangs behind him.

This last ceramic Santa as you can see below is a small bank. It was produced by the Santa Clause Production Co. in California.

Ceramic Santa

The cost of the entire group of Santas was less than $20.00. Now to find a place to display my growing collection of Santas. I plan to fill the planter with candy canes for my boys and me to snack on.

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  1. Tina
    Posted November 16, 2013 at 7:05 am | Permalink

    Love the Santa with blue eyeliner and white boots ! These pieces are so adorable and great buy!

    • Tammy
      Posted November 16, 2013 at 8:10 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Tina!

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