Vintage Varsity Flair

A couple weekends ago I popped into a thrift store I frequent, but rarely find anything at. On this occasion, however, I managed to score an entire cart full of great vintage clothes. While most of these will end up being gifts or resold, there was one item that was all for me, this 1930s letterman’s sweater.

Letterman SweaterI couldn’t believe it was hanging there with all those terrible Cosby sweaters for only $1.50. Better yet, when the cashier saw it she noticed it had a stain so she discounted it 50%. Awesome.



The stains, holes and random darned spots don’t bother me in the least. It’s old, authentic and it has the battle scars to prove it. I don’t often come across these in any sort of salvageable shape. This one is in good shape and the patches are in excellent condition. I love the chevrons on the shoulder. Judging from the large patch, I believe this is from East High School in Des Moines, Iowa.

Sports LettersI have other letters and patches, including another from East as well as one for golf and one for basketball, possibly from Dowling High School. I always thought it would be cool to frame these. I think I’d like to do the same for the sweater. I’m super excited about the idea of putting this thing in a shadow box made from an antique picture frame. I’ll post the results when I get around to this project…some day.

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