Weekend Finds

This past rainy Saturday morning, Austin and I hit two tag sales. We signed up early to get into the first sale and were able to make it to the second sale when the doors were just opening. I snagged an armful of items. Austin also found a bunch, including a few more Stieff animals for his collection. Here is a shot of my haul.

Weekend Finds

I found this 1970s owl for $0.25. I love its brown speckled glaze. It was glued onto a very ugly wooden spoon. It’s looking much better now.

The four round glass balls are old and I love their history. They are glass floats that were made for Japanese deep sea fishing nets to keep them afloat. The color I found is made from recycled sake bottles. Many people still comb the beach for them. They wash up usually after large storms and are most commonly found along America’s west coast. They are getting harder to find, because syrofoam, plastic, wood and other materials have replaced the making of glass floats today. I just love that they ride the ocean currents for years and even decades before making it to the beaches. Hunting along the shore for these beauties is now on my list of thing to do. Here is a close-up of small markings on one of the glass floats.

Japanese Markings on Glass Float

Next up is the 1950’s Thermos I found. Its is full of fun graphics. Although it does not have the original lid, I had to buy it. This thermos is called “Cape Cod Frolic” and was distributed by the Rexall Drug Company. It is a large half gallon jug made to hold hot and cold beverages and is glass lined.

Cape Cod Frolic Thermos

Finally, the book was snagged for $2.00. The title is “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson with illustrations by Ruth Mary Hallock, copyright date 1919. It has been so fun to flip through. Here are some of my favorite pages inside.

This book was a lucky little girl’s Christmas present. Just adorable!

A 1927 Christmas Gift

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