Weekend Finds: 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon

Ok, while I didn’t technically find this or purchase it, here’s what we saw peeking out of a garage we walked by this weekend.

Ranch Wagon OverallI couldn’t help but walk right up to this garage and see what was going on in here. Luckily, our new friend Gary was willing to tolerate a nosy lady and told us about his project, a 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon.

Ranch Wagon EmblemI’m not usually a classic car person. Yes, they’re beautiful and wonderful and I probably gape my mouth open when one drives by, but this one really spoke to me. This two-door station wagon was built starting in 1952 as an alternative to the “woody” station wagon until 1962 when station wagons began to fall out of popularity. Gary has been rebuilding it from the ground up: new engine, air conditioning, power windows, crisp paint job, the whole nine yards. I’m sure a more experienced tuner could tell a whole lot more about this project, but my details are skimpy.

Ranch Wagon Engine

The engine is almost completed, then it’s off to his upholsterer.

Ranch Wagon Interior

Ranch Wagon Tail Light

Ranch Wagon WheelHis plan once the Ranch Wagon is completed is to drive up the California coast with his wife. So sweet.

Ranch Wagon Advertisement

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