Weekend Finds

This last weekend was again separate events for the Snag crew. We haven’t been thrifting together in quite a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to next weekend when we’re all together. But just because I wasn’t with Austin and Tammy doesn’t mean I didn’t go anywhere. I conned everyone I could into going to thrift stores and garage sales with me. My victims were my husband and my mom this time. Sorry family, it’s an addiction.

CandlesticksWe spent the weekend with family, and there just so happens to be a fantastic Salvation Army along the way. These dramatic candlesticks were on the top shelf. They’re crazy and awesome, and I’m pretty sure never used.

Georges Briard GlassesApparently I love gold barware and Georges Briard. These glasses were also on an uppermost shelf, so I’m glad I’m tall. They have just a few wear marks and are pretty heavy. Into my hutch they go to wait for some summer mojitos.

1970s DressThis dress has such a great print. But I questioned the size and form of it before I bought it, and yup, it makes me look like a little old lady straight out of the 1970s. I’m sure it will look fabulous on someone with different proportions, but for me it can’t be salvaged. I get the heebie-jeebies trying on clothes at thrift stores, so I didn’t try this on before buying. Drat.

Amazing Owl NecklaceBut the best thing I found was this owl necklace for $2.99! Probably from the 1970s, it is gold and silver plated, and each segment is moveable. I immediately thought of Tammy when I saw it, told Seth I bought it for her, and then texted her a picture to make sure she liked it and to tell myself it was going straight to Tammy. It’s just so amazing.

PS: We reached over 500 readers this weekend. Thanks everyone for subscribing to our feeds and for your comments 🙂




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