Weekend Finds: A Cavalcade of Chairs

Ok, “cavalcade” might be making a bit much out of this, but I really did end up with a lot of chairs this weekend. How many is a lot? I feel comfortable saying eight upholstered chairs and one ottoman is a lot. Since you know a lot of chairs are coming in this post, I’m going to build up to them with the smaller finds of the weekend.


My first official find of the weekend was this set of light gray American Modern serving pieces designed by Russel Wright. At $20 they may have been the most expensive thing at the church sale I found them at, but still a bargain. From its introduction to today, American Modern has always been one of the most popular and best selling dinnerware lines of all time. I took an interest in it after discovering a glacier blue set in a cabinet under my grandma’s sink. Although there are a ton of lookalikes from the era, the unique organic forms of American Modern make it easy to identify. But it doesn’t hurt that they’re usually marked.


This Starburst platter by Franciscan was another great find for just a buck. It’s the only piece of this pattern I have, though I wouldn’t mind finding a whole set.


You need chips and dip for a “gathering” but it doesn’t officially become a party until you put them in a chip and dip set. And what if it’s a fancy party? Easy. Throw them in this awesome lacquered copper and glass affair. I didn’t really mind that every single part of this thing was priced individually because, again, it’s awesome. Plus it still only tallied up to four dollars.

IMG_5458I took a gamble on a 25 cent bag of utensils and I think I got my money’s worth with these little wood and stainless steel dippers.


And these cheese knives were a solid bonus. I think they might even be gold-plated.


When I throw my fancy copper-and-gold, chips-and-cheese party, I can set the mood with candlelight from these silver-plate Danish candleholders by Cohr. Well, after I polish them, of course.


Even with all of these great finds, one of my favorites is this electric blue, 100% wool blanket by Faribo. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The color is so intense and fun. I just want to drink it like Kool-Aid. Weird, neon blue Kool-Aid.

IMG_5461Aside from the church sale, I only went to a couple other sales and I didn’t find too much. I was fortunate, however, to hit a tiny vein of vintage Christmas in a $5 box at one of those sales.


It was actually a great big box filled with mostly garbage, but out of that wreckage I pulled these beauties. The corn, peach and flower basket ornaments are quite old, likely from the early part of the 20th century. The rest are classic 1950s/60s Shiny Brites. Notice the adorable one at the top with the tiny plastic church glued inside. Along with the ornaments I found all these rolls of decorative, perforated aluminum foil. Each roll is silver on one side and a color on the other. I don’t have a plan for these, but they’re cool. I guess I’ll just unroll them around the house at Christmas time.


On Sunday morning I decided to check out the half-price day of an estate sale and was pleasantly surprised to find three tables from Lane’s Acclaim line as well as a pair of brass-and-walnut lamps with real grasscloth shades. And the best part is, of course, that they were all half-price! One table needed some extensive gluing and some touch-ups, but otherwise they’re in terrific shape.


So, what was all that business about chairs? Well, that all started on Friday when I went to answer an ad about a pair of mid-century chairs. I did buy those two chairs and I’ll share them with you later when they’re nice and fixed up. But when I arrived to get them, I found the seller had bought another set of chairs that I had missed out on. As it turns out, they didn’t work in her space and she was happy to sell them to me. The universe is a funny place sometimes.


This wild pair of his and hers chairs are really in terrific shape. They even came with a “fabric bonus” to make repairs or armrest covers.


Unfortunately nobody made those arm covers, at least not in time. I’m hoping to find a tweed material to match one of the colors in the fabric and just recover the arms.


Sunday I stumbled onto even more chairs and took a drive out of town to pick up these little nightmares.

IMG_5475Though commonly mistaken for Danish pieces, Kodawood chairs actually hail from Miami, Florida. They’re sculptural and beautiful and these examples happen to have been run through the mill. Screws inserted where screws ought not to be, staple holes driven into the finely grained back, fabric so dirty it makes the ground look like the better option—let’s just say they need some work. Although I keep telling myself over and over, “NO MORE PROJECTS!” I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately the damage to the wood will require them to be lacquered, but I have high hopes for a fabulous outcome.


But these aren’t really the chairs I traveled to buy. This was the chair that got me out of the house on a Sunday afternoon:


Right? All that red wool suspended atop walnut sleds. It’s gorgeous.


I really don’t know much about it though. I can’t seem to find a designer responsible for it. It could be American, it could be Danish. The proportions don’t seem American and the suspension is entirely elastic webbing, which also isn’t as common in American upholstery. But the legs appear to walnut, which is almost exclusively American. Regardless, it’s a beauty and fitting finale for my weekend cavalcade of chairs.

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