Weekend Finds: A Day of Pairs

Sometimes it seems like I get things that go in sets: the same color, the same style, and this weekend it seemed like everything came in twos.

Hats and TiesFirst off, a pair of hats and a pair of ties. Granted, the ties were from our local Salvation Army and the hats from a church sale, but they just seem to go together. I bought the ties for my husband knowing he’d love the colors, but vintage ties are just so wide he’s going to pass on them. Drat. The hats I’m not sure what will happen with them, as they don’t fit my gigantic head or my husband’s normal sized head. Check out the detailing below!

Hat Detail

I love all of the detail inside the blue hat; especially the lining. It’s really a pity it isn’t enormous so I could wear it.

Typewriter Tray

Ok, so this typewriter table didn’t come as a pair. I just couldn’t leave it at the sale, but I have thoughts about changing the color. Have you seen the Valspar spray paint colors at Lowe’s (No, this isn’t a paid product placement.)? The colors are pretty fresh and I’m thinking of giving one a try. Check the colors out here, then head on over to our Facebook page or leave a comment to vote. You shall decide this typewriter stand’s fate! Sounds kind of ominous.

LampsThese lamps were found at the same sale as the typewriter stand. Aren’t they amazing? I’m assuming they both work, and the wiring looks pretty solid.

Samsonite Luggage

This cute pair of luggage was only $1.00! They’re pretty filthy on the outside, so I’ve started cleaning them off with a magic eraser and hope to update you on the progress soon. The travel stickers on the luggage are the best part.

Samsonite Label

Samsonite Label    Samsonite Label

Whoever owned this luggage went quite a few places. When I find things like this I always want to know more about the person who owned them.

And ok, ok, the last and best thing I found this weekend isn’t a matching pair. I wish!

Arc LampI know: it’s just the mini arc lamp and doesn’t have a marble base, but man is it cool. It will need rewiring and a thorough cleaning, but I’ll take it! What’s your favorite find here? And don’t forget to vote, we’d love to hear from you!

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