Weekend Finds: A Formica Table

I’ve been feeling a little down about thrifting lately, probably because I haven’t actually been out to enough places like I used to since moving. However this weekend I decided to drive to a small town that had many antique stores and one interesting ad found on Craigslist. It was for a place called “Bargain Bin.” The pictures looked crammed full of junk but I could see a couple interesting furniture legs and dishes.

When we pulled up the place would have disappointed fancy shoppers, but this place was right up my alley. The first thing I saw was this.

Formica and Chrome TableYes. A Formica and chrome table. Granted there is a questionable spot in the middle of it which I’ve been doing some research on how to try and get it out. My hopes aren’t terribly high, but at $25 it’s worth a try. The table we have in the eat-in portion of our kitchen is ugly wood grain laminate, food falls in ill-placed cracks, and my knees hit the supports every time. So this will be a welcome upgrade, and if I can’t get the spot out, there will be another chrome table someday. The funny thing is, when my husband and I were talking about getting a new table, this is exactly what I described wanting!

Serving SilverwareI also found this great set of serving utensils that cloesly matches the pattern I currently have. They’re all in great shape and I am excited to have a dinner party in style. Or they’ll sit in a pot on our counter. Probably that too.

Lastly, and I know this will excite you all the most, is this…

Light Switch PlatesWomp womp. Light switch plates. That match the ones in our house! Seriously this may excite me the most. I can’t stand having five or six different light switch plates that don’t match all the rest of the other vintage ones in the house. I never thought I would find them. Now if only I would have picked up the three-switch plates. Guess that gives me an excuse to go back soon.

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