Weekend Finds: A Harvest of Brasilia

As is par for the course in the Fall, this past weekend was a busy one. While I didn’t go out and hit any sales, I did make room in my schedule to go pick up this beauty:


A Broyhill Brasilia harvest table! I’m actually pretty proud of myself for recognizing it in the tiny pic in the ad online. The seller never photographed it with the leaves up to expose the top of the leg, which would have been a bigger tell. But I still recognized the sharp taper of the legs and pounced.


I love, love, love the shape of this table. Its unusual proportions make it a thing of beauty. Unlike a typical drop-leaf table that is more squarish when folded up, this table is long and narrow—six feet by about two feet. It would make a terrific sofa table or console along a hallway. But the best part is that it unfolds to four feet wide, transforming into a fairly large oval dining table when you need it.


I’m not sure exactly what happened here, but the top of this table has almost no finish left on it. It appears to have maybe been stripped or scraped off. The odd thing is the wood on top and the rest of the table is in immaculate condition, not even so much as a scratch or gouge anywhere. Usually when I find tables with no finish, it’s evidence of a hard-lived life. Not here. But since the finish is already gone, it just makes my job simpler when it comes time to refinish. Hopefully that comes sooner than later, winter is coming up fast and my refinishing days are numbered!

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