Weekend Finds: A Little This, A Little That

The spring is a busy time. The weather is prime for getting all those projects that have accumulated started and I feel like every day I have 50 more things on my to-do list than I could ever hope to accomplish. But that still doesn’t stop me from hitting a few more sales. This past weekend was a huge annual sale that the Snag team looks forward to each year. Sadly this year was a bit of letdown, but I did score a couple neat treasures.


My best find from that sale was probably this Gerald Thurston for Lightolier floor lamp. It needs a new coat of paint on the metal parts, but otherwise it’s in pretty good shape. I see the table version quite often, but this is the first floor lamp I’ve run across. I also grabbed this cute pair of walnut lamps for $4. According to the sweet old ladies at the sale, they don’t work but I think I’ll still be ok after I drop another $4 on new sockets.


It wasn’t a bad weekend for odds and ends glassware either. How about this fun bar set styled vaguely like some sort of booze carriage?

IMG_7491Or this ginormous turkey-sized Mikasa Elite platter? I would really love to find more of this pattern, it’s called “Fantasy.”


But I think my favorite piece of glass is this footed teal piece of cased art glass. Cased refers to the technique of overlaying one color of glass with another, in this case transparent teal over opaque white.


Speaking of art, what are your thoughts on this still life print?


I hemmed and hawed over this when I saw it hanging in a thrift store window, but in the end I decided it was too terrific to pass up. I usually prefer oil on canvas to prints, which is why this next floral fella was an easy decision. The blazon “Reynolds” signature refers to Lee Reynolds. While Lee Reynolds Burr is an actual artist, he did not paint this or any other painting that bears that signature. While he was the director of Vanguard Studios, a prolific art factory, all paintings produced by artists under his supervision were signed to the Reynolds brand.


And while we’re on the topic of unoriginals, this Burke quasi-tulip chair was a pretty solid thrift store find. It needs a new seat cushion but it’s not in bad shape at all. I call it unoriginal because it’s sort of a rehash of Eero Saarinen’s iconic tulip chair. Of course if you accidentally crack this one, you won’t feel as bad as if you’d cracked a $1,700 Saarinen chair.

photoAlthough all these finds are very nice, perhaps my favorite find was one of the last finds of the weekend—this pristine copy of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” on vinyl. It’s a solid, solid album.




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