Weekend Finds: A Room Divided

In fairness, the subject of this post isn’t necessarily a room divider, except “freestanding shelves” didn’t seem dramatic enough for a post title. But if you did decide to divide a house with the beauty I found this weekend, it would definitely stand.


Actually when I found these they were being sold as bookshelves and were assembled as two separate units. This created a surplus of tightly clustered shelves and I think it looks much better as a three section unit. That little cabinet with the green door can actually be used as a desk. I think it will eventually find its way to the middle section.



When I arrived to see and purchase this piece, it was on an upper floor of a Victorian house, still fully assembled. I very much underestimated how much time and work it would take to fully disassemble and load into my car in absolutely pouring rain. I’m pretty sure the sellers thought I was crazy and would never leave their home.


What you should know if you ever find one is that it is 1000% percent easier to assemble and disassemble laying on its back. Unless, of course, you have four or more arms.


I really don’t have any idea who might have made it. It seems more of an American piece than Danish. It bears some resemblance to George Nelson designs, but it definitely isn’t his work. I’m hoping the amazing hardware will eventually lead me to a manufacturer’s name. But, even if it never does, it’s a pretty sweet wall unit with or without any provenance. Who knows, I may even divide a room with it someday.

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