Weekend Finds: A Run of Fun Garage Sales

Garage sales can often feel like a waste of time, but when you do hit a good one you seem to forget all about the bad sales. Last Friday and Saturday seemed to be my weekend for finding things. I found items from a vintage 1960’s fire extinguisher to antique Christmas tree decorations. Get ready for lots of pictures.

Up first is a Presto soda-acid fire extinguisher dating from 1960. I couldn’t pass it up after seeing the $2.00 price tag on it.


At the same sale I also snagged this collection of antique cast iron lasts with stands. These where used by cobblers in the making and repairing of shoes.

IMG_4077The children’s sizes are so darn cute!


Friday morning I snagged two pairs of spun silver jewelry. Each set includes a pendant and pair of clip-on earrings.


At another sale I spotted a ribbon covered in a collection of pins mostly dating from the 1970’s like Garfield and Holly Hobby. As I was putting it down I noticed this antique portrait pin on the bottom. I asked if I could just buy the one pin and was told they all needed to go as a set, so I didn’t argue and paid the $0.50 for the whole ribbon. The pin is about the size of a nickel.



I also found a bunch of vintage and antique Christmas tree decorations, clips and reflectors.


Along the back are colorful foil Christmas tree light reflectors. I found two different sets of clip-on tree candle holders that where first patented in 1882. The colored blue, red and yellow clip-ons are embossed tin painted with colored lacquer which easily fades and losses its color. A small metal basket with fruit ornaments will look darling hanging on my tree. But my favorite are the pre-1900’s counter-weight clay-ball candle holders, produced starting around 1867. I’ve wanted to find some of these counter-weight candle holders for a while now but never thought I would find them at a garage sale. Oh, the fire hazards they must have been.


Antique counter-weight clay-ball candle holders. So cool!

This next find I just liked and so I bought it and luckily when I got home my husband was just as excited about it. It’s an old blade switch fuse panel. Now to figure out what to do with it.



What is better than an old jar? How about one with a cute galvanized lid like this one.


A set of dinner trays with a flower and line design.


This next snag was for my boys. It was priced $1.00 and labeled Indian artifact. Of course I had to ask the elderly gentleman where it had come from. He said he had dug it out of an Iowa river bed. I asked him if he had repaired it and he said the crack was in it when he found it. I loved that he had found it himself so I told him, “Sold”. My oldest son completely loves it. It will be a great “show and tell” item.


I picked up two vintage cameras. The first one is a 1950-1960’s Brownie Holiday Flash. Its body is Bakelite and is a great dark brown color. Have I mentioned brown is my favorite color! The other camera is an early 1950’s Pickwik Candid Type. It also is made of Bakelite and comes with the original box and instructions. I really like the design around the lens.


Lastly, is an old Bissell carpet sweeper. I couldn’t believe its condition and it is in working order, although I have no plans of using it.




The instructions are still on the bottom of the sweeper.

What a fun, fun weekend of garage sales.

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