Weekend Finds: A Sonic Experience

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been super motivated for garage sales lately. Why? They haven’t been that great. As much as I love a good sale, hours of driving around and burning gas and finding nothing great is not ideal. But I set my pessimism aside this weekend for some citywide sales that were very close to my own neighborhood.


I wasn’t expecting much. In fact I left the house late with hardly any cash and without my phone. Apparently my spirit has been broken. A good half-hour in and my expectations were being adequately met. All I found was this weird wooden lamp and a simple taper-legged coffee table in bad shape. Although together they cost less than $10, they weren’t the home run I was seeking.


When things aren’t going well, sometimes I buy things. Things I shouldn’t. Things that are terrible. For another $10 I grabbed this pair of patriotic Lane end tables. They’ll actually be pretty nice when I strip old glory off the walnut tops… someday.


Things got better. I found this stunning—and flawless—1940s wool sateen coat for just four bucks. It’s just as beautiful coming or going.

IMG_5320Usually during citywide sales, I stay in the older parts of town. In the newer areas you usually find newer things and children’s things—pretty much everything I don’t want. But I was lured into a subdivision with the promise of cheap hosta plants. Although cheap hostas I did buy, the better find was this pair of Danish built Dynaco A-25 speakers with walnut cabinets for just five dollars.


I was excited but not carried away. After all, the foam surrounds on most vintage woofers have usually turned to dust by this point in time and require re-foaming or replacement which can often exceed the value of the speaker. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I got them home and popped off the grilles to find…


Pristine surrounds! These are very well preserved actually. Of course the true test is hearing them play and I honestly haven’t fired them up yet. Still, this is very encouraging.


Dynaco introduced the A-25 speaker in 1970 and produced them until the company’s demise in the 1980s. Their selling point was high performance at a moderate expense and they were an immediate favorite of audiophiles. They’re still quite popular today, noted for their “ease of listening.” I’m excited to hear them. And with this little snag, my faith in garage sales is restored. All it takes is a win every now and then to put some wind in your sails.

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