Weekend Finds: A Throne of Gold

With storage space disappearing and unfavorable project weather, I’ve been trying to slow my roll when it comes to buying furniture. This weekend I had planned on a garage sale embargo. But then a phone call comes in. Someone saw something. One little sale couldn’t hurt, could it? Several hours, several sales and several thrift stores later I brought this home.


In actuality, I was practicing some pretty hardcore self control—I passed on a free sofa, a Herman Miller dining table (that one I do regret) and some other pretty solid finds. But something about the sassy seventies-ness of this gold velour chair took hold and I couldn’t leave without it.


It came out of an architect-designed 1950s modern home and normally I’d say the atmosphere played a huge role in my purchasing decision, but the design of this or any of the furniture in the house had absolutely nothing in common with the architecture. It actually felt completely out of place. All told, I probably wouldn’t have bought it if it hadn’t been for those super sexy chrome crossbar legs. They really pull the whole thing together.


Normally I’d recoil at the thought of shiny gold plush upholstery. My grandmother had this stuff on a hideous tufted Lay-Z-Boy. But, in this 1970s incarnation of Hollywood regency style, it just works. It looks very vintage luxe. What are your thoughts? Loving the gold or wishing it was ANY other color?

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