Weekend Finds: Bar Stools, Binoculars and a Bit More

This weekend was a blast. Overall the sales were not all that amazing but the company was. We always have so much fun when we can go to sales together. My finds were an assortment of items. My first snag was this “Helpful Kitchen Pixie”.

weekend finds 797At a church sale I found a set of four bar stools for $25.00. I’m so happy that they work in my new space. I was even able to return the bar stools I had just bought new from Target and spent $160.00 on. I’m sure most of us would choose vintage over new. And in this case it saved me well over $100.00. Score!

bar stools

Also at the church sale I found a couple of vintage pictures.

weekend finds 792

A beautiful crewelwork.

weekend finds 791

This cardinal picture is now hanging in my bathroom.

Next are my garage sale finds. Starting with some clip-on earrings!

weekend finds 795

A pair of electric alarm clocks. The wooden clock is my favorite and was made by Westclox. Its model S7-G, which was introduced in 1950.

weekend finds 794

I also found this wooden box with a Viking ship and Norway flags. I was so excited when I flipped it over to find not only a 1949 date but also an inscription from the small Norwegian Iowa town I grew up in.

weekend finds 790

Finally, these binoculars top my list of favorite finds. These are antique field glasses but I’m having a hard time dating them. They were well worth the $5.00 I paid for them.

photo (14)

L’Aviateur Field Glasses

weekend finds 789

They are clearly marked Chevalier, Paris.

If anyone can help me out I would love some more information on my binoculars.

I’m hoping next weekend has some more fun unexpected finds.

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