Weekend Finds: Barton’s Ice Mints Tin

Well another weekend has past and another room is wallpaper-less. Remember the snow geese?

Mudroom Built Ins

I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a better image of the wallpaper before (I must have disliked it that much), but here is a closeup for the scrapbooks.

Snow Geese Excellence

And now this is what the wall on the right looks like.

Mudroom Progress

Even though taking down the wallpaper is the most time-intensive part of the process, I’m dreading the patching. See what happened next to the door? I’m not even sure what all that nonsense is. There were three layers of wallpaper in some places. It can only improve from here.

So that’s what happened to me this weekend. And I did want to share a little gem I found at a thrift store.


It was so brightly colored you couldn’t miss it.


Another Barton’s tin! If you remember a long time ago I found one and wanted to keep my eye out for any others. Lo and behold this little guy was only $0.25. It is now holding my bobby pins.

BartonsTin_3What about you all? Any big finds over the weekend? Are you partial to snow geese?


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