Weekend Finds: Beauty and the Beasts

This weekend I didn’t have much time for thrifting or garage sales. But I did make a trip to visit Angela and, as usual, I try to make my trips out of town do dual duty. I picked up a few things on the way there and something pretty sweet while I was there. Though they were all great finds, some weren’t the cleanliest traveling companions. Let’s start with the beauty.


During my visit, Angela and I stopped in a nearby town to pick up this Drexel Declaration cabinet. As many of our regular readers know, I’ve got a thing for this 1958 line of furniture and I’m running out of places to put it. Clearly this isn’t stopping me. And this is no space-saver; the photo may not convey this well, but the cabinet is actually three feet wide and 29 inches tall. Still, the best surprise is on the inside.


It’s a record cabinet! And all the dividers are removable to allow you to use it as a storage cabinet if you wish. This will make  great companion to my Motorola console stereo housed in a Drexel Declaration cabinet.

Now for the beasts. I had spotted these Broyhill Brasilia chairs advertised earlier in the week for next to nothing. As excited as I was to find these (which I need to complete a set I already have) their location—nearly 100 miles away—meant they would have to wait until my trip on Saturday. After a week of anticipation had passed, I finally got to see them in person.


Now, I knew they were projects from the listing, but…nobody had prepared me for the smell. Nobody could have prepared me for the smell. These poor things had been discovered in an abandoned storage facility—and I’m guessing not a very nice one. The cushions were filthy and stained and the wood was covered in filth and mildew. I had to actually wrap them in plastic before I would even consider putting them in my car. The photo you see here is after I had cleaned them, first with a strong bleach solution, second with Murphy’s Oil Soap, followed by several hours of exposure to direct sunlight. But, to give you an idea of what they looked like “raw”, here’s a picture of one of the seats before I ripped the upholstery off:


And this was one of the better ones. Still, I’m glad the seller had the sense to rescue them before the building was demolished. They’ve got a long road to recovery, but there’s no major damage and the smell disappeared with the rotten upholstery. Once refinished, they’ll look good as new.

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