Weekend Finds: Chairs!

The title of this post is a little misleading on two fronts: 1. I didn’t actually find any of these chairs over the weekend, rather I found them during the week, and 2. the exclamation point might be a tad overdramatic for the finds themselves. But hey, it’s been slow lately so why not make an exclamation point out of what we’ve got? So what did I get? First off, this pair of cute little tweed armless chairs:

IMG_4695When I went to pick these up, they ended up being much smaller than I thought they were from the photos. They’re petite and very low to the ground, but that makes me like them just a little bit more. They’re really in fantastic shape, save for a few nicks on the legs. I have to admit though, I’m not super excited about those front legs or the worn wheels on them. Perhaps some new casters will make a big difference there.

IMG_4696While picking these up, I noticed a cool steel office chair with wooden arms. It was also for sale.


I have a thing for this type of furniture. In the pre-plastics era, office and institutional furniture was built to withstand a significant blast. The brushed steel finish and the wooden armrests give this a little extra panache. The downside of buying things in a dark, freezing garage is not necessarily looking the item over as well I should. I discovered these on the armrests when I got it out in the daylight:

IMG_4704Some super-nasty vinyl repair gunk. It really looks like chewing gum, but it doesn’t smell minty if you scratch it. I think I may just peel the vinyl off and paint the wood underneath, or maybe just attach the wooden armrest directly to the metal frame without this middle man. Either way, I can’t leave it like this. I think the interesting shape still makes it OK. It looks great coming or going.

IMG_4705My final find also lingers on the industrial side of things. This Steelcase lounge chair has a bit of a waiting room vibe, but I think in the right context it will feel like a sleek, minimalist form at home or in the office.

IMG_4707I was pretty happy to find this one, a few months ago I bought one exactly like it. If the weather doesn’t change soon to improve my mood, at least I know these two chairs won’t be lonely.

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  1. Susie
    Posted March 11, 2014 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    I really like the first two little chairs. Deffinitely my style. Sales are few and far in between here right now also, weathers been crazy. I guess gives me more time to focus on all my fixer up projects 😉

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