Weekend Finds: Christmas Year Around

Springtime and warmer weather hasn’t kept me from being on the lookout for vintage Christmas. This past Saturday was no exception with my first Christmas find coming from the first sale we hit. It was a great sale and we all walked out with our arms full of goodies. We arrived at this sale only fifteen minutes before it started and they let us right in. The whole house was part of the sale. It was insane that no one else showed up for the sale until about twenty minutes after we had been shopping. It was nice not to be fighting the crowds we are usually part of. After searching the house for treasures we hit the garage where I found this outdoor lawn display. Santa and his reindeer are made of hard plastic. The family having the sale said they remembered displaying this set in the 1960s. I’m going to have to make them somehow part of my indoor holiday display this year so they don’t get in injured outdoors. It are in great shape and only cost me $1.00.

christmas Next we hit some garage sales where I found this Christmas card box from Sears and Roebuck. Unfortantly, it was not full of the old cards and instead was filled to the brim with Styrofoam reindeer and trees. Gross! This box will work wonderful as storage for the all the vintage Christmas card I’m planning on snagging this Summer. I paid $0.75 for this cute box.

My last holiday find of the day was this adorable 1960s Santa pull toy. He has his original string still attached and when you pull on it he dances, raising his arms and legs. He only cost me $0.10. Yippy!

I’ve been looking forward to next weekends sales since last weekend and it is sure making for a long week!

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