Weekend Finds: Estate Sale Treasures

Today I’m sharing my finds from the amazing estate sale Austin posted about this past Tuesday. I got to the sale early on Friday and was number three to get in the door when the sale started. The house was packed in every room and seemed to be themed: vintage clothing, old toy and holiday, sewing and craft supplies, books and ephemera, and jewelry. Sounds fun, right?

I only bought a few things on Friday, but I was super excited about them. Like this $3.00 circa 1960’s Replogle 6 inch Moon globe I found for Angela. It maps the crater and landing sites.

photo (27)

The first day of the sale I also found an amazing postcard book, that I will be sharing in a future post, and a circa 1940-1950’s Christmas card scrapbook. I paid $5.00 knowing it would be fun to flip through at home. A lot of the cards are very loose and most I will be able to easily remove from the book.

photo (79)

photo (82)

photo (81)

When you open this card you find…

photo (80)

More cards! So cute.

By far my favorite find in the album is this large matchbook/card. It’s in wonderful condition and will be so fun to display at Christmas.

photo (96)

photo (97)

On Sunday everything was 75% off, so I found myself standing in line once again for round two of this sale and it paid off.

I headed straight for the toy and Christmas room where I also discovered you could fill a paper bag for $5.00. So I grabbed a bag and started filling. I picked a few toys including three pressed cardboard and paper farm animals with wood bases and a brightly colored game board which is now hanging in my hallway.

photo (88)

After picking out a few toys, I headed for the Christmas room to fill the rest of my bag. I scored two boxes of pink glass ornaments, four strains of mercury glass garland, picks, Christmas elves, an old The Night Before Christmas book, and an amazing box made in West Germany with long Shiny Brite ornaments.

photo (86)

photo (87) In another room, I found four “made in Germany” Valentine’s cards. Each card has a mechanical moving part.

photo (98)

photo (99)

photo (100)

I couldn’t resist buying these two unused vintage boxes of birthday candles. They remind me of how old I’m getting because I realized I would have to open the second box to have enough candles on my next birthday cake. Ugh!

photo (89)

And what’s a birthday party without Balloon drop? I would have loved this as a child. I just might have to use this.

photo (85)

photo (84)

The direction say it can hold up to 50 balloons!

My last find was this very fancy early 1900’s purse…or is it? When you open it you find out that it’s a case to hold opera glasses.

photo (91)

photo (92)

photo (93)

It still has a tag on the bottom of it.

I have one church sale to go to this weekend, but I will be mostly focusing on having my own garage sale with my mom and sister. Wish us luck!

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