Weekend Finds: Europe

Ok, well, I didn’t exactly conquer Europe, but I did get an essential tool for strategizing such a feat. No villain’s lair (or stylish person’s lair for that matter) is complete without an enormous wall map like this 1970s physical/political map of Europe.


I’m a sucker for any big old map, but I like the bright colors on this particular one, especially those oranges. It’s also charmingly out of date, with the USSR looming above Europe, completely unaware that its clock is ticking.

In an interesting twist, Greenland turns completely orange

In an interesting twist, Greenland turns completely orange

Maps always seem to be difficult to date. Antique maps often have their year of printing emblazoned boldly on their faces, but many of the maps I’ve found from WWII to the present often have no copyright date to be found. It’s almost as if they knew it would drive me nuts decades later. Rascally cartographers. In the past I’ve used country names, country borders and even logos or trademarks for the publisher to narrow down a range of years. With this map, I lucked out and found this:


I’m not sure if May 1, 1971 is the actual copyright date, but from this I think it’s safe to say that’s the exact age of the map’s information. I don’t really think maps ever go out of date though. They simply serve as a record for specific points in time, quickly passing from timely reference media to historical accounts and, most importantly, sweet wall art.

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