Weekend Finds: Everyday Vintage

So as I alluded to previously, our big weekend trip was indeed fun, but no wonderful finds turned up. We were talking in the van and trying to think of what our favorite items were and none of us could come up with anything. After I unpacked everything from the sale I realized it was all generic and filthy. That’s ok, I needed a new trash can.

Trash can and magazine rackSee? Completely filthy. Both of these projects are going to need a paint overhaul. Austin and I had fun discussing paint options for both. Unfortunately, my husband and I are in the midst of packing up our entire house so they will have to wait until we get moved. I can’t wait to break out the spray paint.

Wire shelfThese little triangle shelves are so on-trend right now once they get a coat of paint. I’m not sure where they’re going to go but there will definitely be a pop of color on them.

Knitting basket and tensor lightIf you say Tensor I’m going to throw a few dollar bills at you. The little aqua blue light is produced by the company Tensor, and some are still produced today. They’re everywhere so don’t pay more than $10 or so for them. They also come with a little lever that pulls out so you can hang them. I love these little lamps and use them anywhere I need task lighting. And that knitting basket is so adorable. The last one I had my son climbed in and ripped it, so I’d better fold it up and pack it right away.

Starlight_OverallMy favorite item didn’t come until the next day at our flea market. I bought this silverware from two different vendors. Usually I’m  frugal *cough…cheap*, but I’ve been looking for stainless steel silverware to use everyday for so long that I didn’t mind paying $45 for a complete set of sixteen. See, when I start to question how much I’m paying for something that I’m in love with, I think of what it would cost for a new set of similar quality and then I don’t feel quite so bad.

Starlight Silverware CloseupThis pattern is called Starlight. It’s so cute, and each piece is hefty and flawless. I knew my husband would like its simplicity and I liked the tiny details. I’m not sure how well they go with my butterfly gold Corelle, but I couldn’t pass them up!

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  1. Posted September 12, 2013 at 10:32 am | Permalink

    When I first started reading this blog I was very pleased that everything was appreciated as it was found. Now I am saddened to read about how everything needs to be painted to be loved.

    • Angela
      Posted September 12, 2013 at 11:52 am | Permalink

      Hi Mike! Yes, a few of my last posts have mentioned and featured painting. However, I paint things when the finish is either rusty and corroded, or so far gone that the piece would need to be stripped. And then only on generic pieces of furniture. Luckily, there are only four pieces of furniture in my house that are painted: the kitchen desk, the Syroco birds my husband hated in the original color, a typewriter stand, and a small cabinet. Other than the Syroco birds the original finish was too far to save. These metal pieces are completely rusty and rust is flaking off so they need some attention. There’s so many things that are not painted, and I’ll try and focus my upcoming posts on them 🙂 PS: Your store looks fabulous; I want to snatch up your bullet planter!

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