Weekend Finds: Folding Fun and Fashion

This weekend was not the rich tapestry of sales and finds that last weekend was, despite the sudden burst of June-like weather. But with what little shopping I did, I found some fun stuff. First off was a 1950s Cosco folding table and chairs.


This is probably one of the sexiest $10 card tables ever, if not for the fun colors then for the amazing chairs which don’t look like cheap folding chairs at all.

IMG_4913My favorite part is how they fold. No stupid crossed legs to pinch your fingers when they fold up. Instead you simply flip up the seat…

IMG_4914And then fold in the legs.

IMG_4915Pretty cool right? Even if it is way harder to fold and store than a conventional folding chair. I’m more than willing to suffer for vintage fashion. The fabric-textured vinyl is another classy touch.

IMG_4912A folding table this nice is too cool for paper plates. Fortunately I found some 1960s Mikasa dishes at a thrift store.

IMG_4919The problem with thrift stores is that they rarely put whole sets together. Instead they price them individually and scatter them to the wind. But after picking up the dinner plates I began to notice more pieces here and there, and before long I had a nearly complete service for eight. I thought I had them all but a nice lady brought my attention to the salt and pepper shakers and the butter dish hiding around the corner.

IMG_4916The dishes are from Mikasa’s Cera Stone line and the pattern is “Mobile.” These were intended as everyday dishes, but by today’s standards they seem more like fine China. The other issue with buying dishes individually at thrift stores is the price adds up fast when you’re paying a dollar per piece or so. But I couldn’t stand the thought of it getting split up by undiscerning shoppers.

Dishes weren’t my only thrift store finds, I also stumbled onto a cache of vintage clothes.


Check out all that pattern. Believe it or not the dress on the left is even brighter in person. Next up, some great wool skirts.


Somewhere there’s a 1960s coed missing all of her skirts. I looked, but I couldn’t find her sweaters and thus the indecent mannequins which probably caused quite a stir in my neighborhood as I took the photos. The mannequins themselves were a rather fortuitous Craigslist find from earlier this week. Who knows, maybe next weekend I’ll find the rest of the vintage clothing store?

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