Weekend Finds: From Around the House

I’m finally preparing to move my family into our new living space so it’s been helpful having Saturday mornings open to sort and get ready for the move. While going though a cabinet I found a few items to share from last year that I didn’t get to blog about. I had left the price tags on the items so it was fun to look back and see how little I spent on it all. The total I paid for everything in this post was less than $4.00 and it just shows that if you get out and hunt, you can find some amazing things for not so much cash.


I found two thermoses at a church sale last fall at $0.50 each. The green and black thermos is an Aladdin and the red and black is by The American Thermos Bottle Company. I’m guessing they date from the 1940’s to the 1950’s. I have a very large thermos collection and am happy to add these to it.


At the same church sale I also found this Catherineholm enamel bowl for the amazing price of $0.50. Austin has a collections of these that you can check out here.


These Christmas ornaments were picked up at a garage sale last summer. I walked away from the sale having only spent $0.70! Amazing!

Finds 5

Glasses 2

I did find these glass tumblers this past weekend at Salvation Army. I hadn’t even taken the price tags off of these when I snapped the pictures. I wish there would have been more, but at $0.35 each I couldn’t leave them behind. I just love the dandelion seed pattern!

So as you can see I have a little problem with tucking things into cabinets and forgetting about them, but finding these tiny treasures only gets me more excited for garage sale season to begin.

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