Weekend Finds: Fruit and a Folding Magazine Rack

Normally when I’m out shopping for vintage goodies there’s a find or two once in awhile. This last weekend, I happened upon our local Goodwill with low hopes. Just a stroll through I thought.


Normally I’m not one for fake fruit. Seriously, why when I have so much real fruit already cluttering up my counter? But there is something a little fun with fake wooden fruit. Besides, it was the first and last time I got to utter the phrase, “The price is on the banana.”


My next few finds I can’t decide which is my favorite. This Danish fish platter is pretty unique and I love the illustrations. How practical it actually is will be another story…


This find still shocks me. All the glasses, no chips, stir stick in place, everything mint. Normally I feel like all the donations get thrown into a bin and if a glass shatters then oh well. But somehow this made it through. And for $2.99 it came home with me and will stay high out of the reach of sticky baby hands.

Magazine Rack

This Danish folding magazine rack from Nasco Yugoslavia is my favorite find lately. I’ve purchased a lot of magazine racks in my day but this one is the nicest. I think five minutes later to the store and it would have been gone. Especially for the price of $3.99.

What about you all? Have you found anything exciting? We’d love to hear!

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