Weekend Finds: Holiday Additions

This weekend most of my vintage finds were seasonal items. I snagged my fill of Christmas, Valentines and Easter goodies. The nice part of finding holiday smalls is I have a storage place for each so I can store them right away and forget about them until the holidays. It’s always fun to get them out from storage and rediscover my finds all over again.

Let’s start with this weekend’s Christmas finds.

photo 1 (6)I found these Made in Japan trees at and tag sale. I paid $1.00 for the bottle brush tree and $0.50 for the fragile tulle and wire tree.

photo 4 (2)This spun-head Santa I found in a $2.00 box of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments. Also in the box was the knee-hugger elf and a pair of tiny Santa ornaments.

photo 3 (2)These chenille Santa ornaments excited me the most. They date from the 1950’s and have clay faces. They were hidden at the very bottom of my $2.00 box and I didn’t discover them until after I purchased the box.

photo 2 (6) My assorted Valentine finds are next. The cards were a free find. Yes, free!

photo 2 (5)I love this one and “that’s no baloney”. Hee hee!

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (5)

A darling felt Valentine girl for $0.10!

And finally my haul of plastic Easter items.

photo 1 (7)The Happy Easter centerpiece is not just a cute banjo-playing Easter bunny with a bouquet of flowers, eggs and carrots surrounding him. My kids saw none of this charm and did not approve of his half Easter bunny/half evil clown look, so I have found it a new, more appreciative home.

photo 2 (7)Maybe, just maybe, I will find some Halloween snags this coming weekend.

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