Weekend Finds: Home Decor

My weekend shopping actually started on Thursday morning. I found this cute painting which reveals on the back that it was done by a 14 year old in 1973. She was a great little painter. I also found this hobnail milk glass vase for $1.00. It’s 15 1/2 inches tall.

Weekend Finds April 2014 3

The last thing in this picture is a flower and butterfly thermometer made by Miller Studio Inc. This studio was famous for their large line of chalk-ware wall plaques.

Weekend Finds April 2014 4

I also snagged this large vintage Iowa State sign. The logo was used from 1983-1994. I remember seeing this logo all over as a child. Go Cyclones!

Weekend Finds April 2014 2This 1960’s Panasonic Solid State AM/FM radio had a price tag of $5.00. When I asked if it worked I was told I could plug it in to check but if I wanted it I could just have it for $1.00. Yes! No need to test it out for that price. When I got it home I plugged it in and it works like a charm! It’s in wonderful condition.

Weekend Finds April 2014

My last find was at Goodwill with a price tag of $3.99. I just love it! It stands 26″ tall with its lid.

Weekend Finds April 2014 9

Weekend Finds April 2014 10

Weekend Finds April 2014 11

I always love seeing bubbles in glass and this one is loaded with them. So pretty!

It’s hard to imagine decorating my house with new store bought stuff, when I can find vintage things like these!

Let us know if you have been having any luck. We would love to hear from you!

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