Weekend Finds: Homecrest and… Pearsall?

Despite the joy of having the Snag team together for yet another weekend adventure, the sales were a little lackluster. I actually started the weekend off with a solo find at the only sale I bothered to go to on Friday. It was nearby and listed mid-century items so I decided to check it out. “Items” plural might have been an overstatement, but I did find this table.

photo 3

Although I can’t be certain because it’s unmarked, I’m pretty sure this is a Craft Associates table designed by Adrian Pearsall. I did find this example attributed to him from several sources online, but the construction makes me a little unsure compared to what I’ve come to expect from Craft Associates furniture. The legs look totally right though and match several documented Pearsall pieces that have glass tops. At any rate, it was a solid find for three bucks.

On Saturday the Snag team hit some citywide sales to little avail. Although we weren’t picking up great little treasures right and left, it turns out one big find was enough. Enough to fill my car at least.

photo 4

This six-piece Homecrest patio set was playing host to a group of kids selling cookies and lemonade when we walked up to it. For $20, it would be coming home with me. Of course, it’s not perfect. It really needs to be sandblasted and repainted, the feet need to be replaced and the seat cushions need recovering. Still, I think it’s worth the work. It also came with a glass top for the table, but I don’t think it’s original and it’s cracked, so it won’t be hanging around long. The seats also looked a little different when we found them.

photo 1 The seat cushions, which are loose so they can be taken in during bad weather, were wrapped in this mauve nightmare. When I got them home, I could see the original vinyl peeping through on the backside and I couldn’t resist the urge to peel it back.

photo 2

That’s more like it. Unfortunately the vinyl is too faded and worn to keep, but I still like it better. Now I just have to choose a color scheme. Do you guys think I should paint it back to the original white or a color like orange or turquoise?

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  1. Posted May 16, 2014 at 7:56 am | Permalink

    those metal chairs and table are great! They would be fabulous painted I think – love your idea of turquoise!

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