Weekend Finds: Industrial

fire The past two Saturdays Angela, Austin and I have been up early and out on the hunt together. This last Saturday we had two tag sales on our “must hit” list. Pulling up to the first, an hour before the sale was to start, we let Angela out of the van to grab our numbers. When we saw the “are you kidding me?” look on Angela’s face as she headed back to the van, we knew we were in for bad news. Austin and I braced ourselves but couldn’t stop laughing as we waited to hear how high up on entrance list we would be. Our numbers to get in were in the seventies. Knowing we were going to have to watch seventy-plus fellow pickers enter the sale before us, we made the decision to leave our numbers behind and hope for better luck at the next sale. Of course, there were other sales along the way, like the one with a large blanket in a driveway covered with old cameras and vintage calculators! What the heck? Yes!

By the time we made it to the second tag sale we were very happy to be handed the numbers 7, 8 and 9. Much, much better numbers! I was excited to grab this complete set of four fire grenades/extinguishers. I really want to keep them around, but after some investigating I’m pretty sure they are filled with carbon-tetrachloride and toxic! These were a popular way to put out fire between the 1870s until around 1910. Some were still produced up until the 1950s. They would be hung in a doorway to fall on a fire or thrown at the base of a fire to aid in putting it out. There is a chance that these are filled with salt-water but I’m clueless on who to contact to find out. I’m hoping one of our readers will be able to help me out.

fire extinguisher


At our final stop before heading home I snagged these large chippy green street signs for my husband to hang out in the garage.

street signs


street sign

It was a morning full of sales all before noon. Please leave a comment and let us know if you found anything fun this weekend. We would love to hear from you!

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