Weekend Finds: Maybe just one. Or two…

I had this past weekend earmarked for projects and therefore hadn’t planned on hitting any sales whatsoever. Nope. Not going to do it. Got too much stuff as it is. There’s nothing I need. Although, there are a couple things I’d like. I wonder if they’d have them at a tag sale? Well, maybe I could hit just one. Or two. And several thrift stores. That’s how it always goes. At the first tag sale I sort of struck out, though my mom found a lot of great antique clothing and other odds and ends. But at the second sale, I hit the jackpot and bought everything I told myself I wouldn’t be buying that day.


I managed to score a pair of these mauve-tacular Danish chairs. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the shocking pink water stained silk cushions that drew me in, but rather it was the shapely beech frame and excellent condition. Although many loose cushion chairs are American takes on Danish style, these are the real deal, made in Denmark for Møbler.

IMG_5563What I particularly love about Danish furniture is that it almost always knocks apart to pack flat, making it easy to move.


The whole chair is held together with two screws and a system of locking joints that simply slide together. These fasteners are very common in Danish furniture. I discovered this by accident once when I was moving a Danish sofa and it completely fell apart in my hands. My heart nearly stopped until I spied a lock plate like this on the leg:


This is not to say that American vintage furniture isn’t amazing. A great deal of it is. That was my thought when I found this great Drexel bedroom set.


The style is very clean and elegant and the construction is that of cabinet-maker quality. I’m always, always impressed at the craftsmanship of Drexel pieces. The color on these pieces is still very dark, suggesting they’ve never seen a day of sunlight in their lives. Which is a good thing.


But the crown jewel of my weekend was finding this amazing piece of amazingness:


I just fell immediately in love with this desk/credenza combo. Sliding doors, a tambour door, a floating top, pointy legs galore—all boxes checked.


But wait, there’s more! I don’t really know what this thing is, but it slides right out of the cabinet and that’s all I need to know. Awesome.


And it looks good coming or going. Check out that finished backside.


I really wish I knew more about it. I have no idea who made it. From the looks of it, it could have been custom built or possibly made by any anonymous office furniture company because it’s built like a tank. In any event, it’s amazing and totally worth the exception I made to my “no sales this weekend” edict.

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