Weekend Finds Part 2: The Trash Pile

As you can tell from Angela’s post yesterday we turned our bummer of a morning around pretty darn fast. Our very first stop, following our failed attempt at garage sale-in’, made up for it. It all started at a very fun and cute store called, JP Knacker in Gilbert, IA. We chatted with the owner of the store for a bit and then started shopping. As we were heading up to the second level of the store the owner stopped us and said, “Um, before you ladies go upstairs you may want to check out the trash pile the neighbors just put out!” Angela and I smiled and almost ran outside and around the corner.

Here is what was waiting for us.


I only paused for a second to snap this picture.

Yes, that is Angela with a fur in her hands! Oh, the things we do for Austin.  And after a little more digging we found another fur still in a nice store bag. Austin will have to check out their condition, but they looked clean to us.

Next we pulled out a filthy rubber Halloween mask. Angela wanted me to leave this one, and you will understand why when you see this before picture.

plastic mask

After a good five minute cleaning, using hot soapy water and a soft scrub brush, the mask shined like new.

It is still creepy but at least it is clean.

It is still creepy but at least it is clean.

Next, we found this sheet of large plastic eyes for crafting.

plastic eyes

Now who would throw these away?

Next, we pulled out a hand-painted floral tile and salt shaker.

Don't know what I will ever do with these, but they were to pretty to leave in the garbage.

Don’t know what I will ever do with these, but they were too pretty to leave in the garbage.

We hauled this side of a pew bench back to the van for my sister. Aren’t the carvings on it just beautiful? Now to figure out what to do with it. Any ideas?


We also found some old black and white photos and old documents. This envelope had a baby card, an identification card that hung in the baby’s crib in the hospital and some gift tags all for the same baby boy born in 1949.


This old picture of a grandpa holding his grandson. I just love it. They look so happy together!


This 1925 Shakespeare’s Macbeth book.



The inside of the book is filled with notes and lots of signatures! What a fun history this book has. It will not be going out with the trash again any time soon!

Lastly, Angela found these five plastic molded masks and we both got excited. I don’t know much about them or how old they are, but they do have their original tags showing they were purchased from a theatrical shop.  Although they are very creepy, we knew we had to have them.  These next pictures Angela snapped of herself while I was driving down the road.



This is Angela’s favorite one.


What is going on with her eye? scary!


I had to join in the fun.

She was a giggling mess each time she looked at her picture. We were having so much fun so we decided to send these pictures to Austin and Angela’s husband, Seth. So here are Austin vs. Seth’s responses. It’s just hilarious.

Here is Seth’s conversation.
(Angela with the cat mask picture)
Seth: “That is terrible.”
Angela: Can you believe these were in a trash pile? 😉
Seth: That’s the most believable thing I’ve ever heard.
Here is Austin’s response.
(Angela with the dog mask picture)
Austin: OMG these are the most amazing things ever!!

My son in the goat mask.

So for only spending about five minutes scavenging through the pile we made up for our cancelled garage sale from earlier that morning. You just never know where your treasures are going to come from next. Each outing is always full of surprises for us. How could you not want to spend your Saturday morning out on the treasure-seeking road?

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    Posted August 2, 2013 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Just visited your web site for the first time, you guys are very talented, I really enjoyed myself. It is like going back in time, recognized some of the treasures, guess that makes me old. I plan on viewing the site often, good luck on your treasure hunts. I also went on my first “tag” sale with Tammy, very fun.

    • Tammy
      Posted August 6, 2013 at 10:10 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Linda! I can’t wait until we go to our next sale together 🙂

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