Weekend Finds: Pearsall by the Foot

About this time of year as the weather cools off and winter nears, I repeatedly tell myself that I won’t be buying anything else—for awhile, that is. With more projects in queue than I could possibly finish before the snow flies—or even if I took all of next year off to work on them—I certainly don’t need anything else. But I can’t quite seem to stop myself from wandering into the land of Craigslist. Like any real addict I tell myself “I’m just going to look.” And sometimes when I do, I see things like this:


Older couch indeed. Or, more accurately, Adrian Pearsall’s 2408-S sofa as pictured here in the Craft Associates catalog:


When I found the posting it had been up for over an hour. Almost certain it would be long gone, I sent out my usual emphatic “I’ll take it!” email and hoped for the best. A nail-biting couple hours went by before I received word that it was all mine. YES! I drove an hour Friday morning to go pick this beauty up.


You may have noticed its impressive length. Apparently Adrian Pearsall was incapable of creating a sofa under 50 feet. At 101 inches long, I had to drive home with about two feet of couch sticking out the back of my SUV and the door tied down. Worth it.


You never know what to expect in real life, only having those pixelated little Craigslist images to go by. I was honestly expecting wear and stains and holes and crunchy foam. Much to my surprise it’s in fantastic original condition. With the exception of a few missing buttons and some pilling on the fabric, there’s almost no visible wear. I’ll probably beef up the padding in the cushion and, even though they’re still pretty stretchy, I’ll replace the elastic webbing for firmer support. The sculpted walnut legs also need to be glued, but that’s an easy task.


What I appreciate about this sofa is that it looks great from any angle. From the front, the back, the sides; it’s 360º of mid-century amazing views.


When I went to pick the couch up, I discovered a “matching” chair in the living room. It’s actually not an Adrian Pearsall design, rather a Montgomery Ward lookalike. But for $10 I wasn’t about to leave it behind. It might need a little more work. It’s not in bad physical shape, but it definitely looks like someone may have spilled a cup of coffee on it—and then flipped the cushion over.


What you can’t see in this picture is that the entire underside of the seat cushion is a coffee stain.

So much for not buying anything. Apparently I have zero self-control. But then, if this is the kind of trouble I can get into with my lack of discipline, I’m just fine with that.

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