Weekend Finds: Portable Air Organ

Something wonderful happened this weekend and it involved Stevie Wonder. What? Yes. Tammy and I went to a few garage sales Saturday morning and found this covered with fishing lures sitting in a driveway.

Concert Organ At The Sale

Love at first sight. But all the warning bells went off: the price, the condition, does it work? Yes it worked. The condition is manageable; the emblem on the top needs glued and some keys do too. Originally at $30, I stood around this for quite some time and eventually asked, “Do you think you could do any better on the price?” Then the price was $20. Totally worth it.

When I brought it home, this little musical instrument fits right in.

Concert Organ in HouseThe legs are super long, about three feet. The entire instrument is inside a wooden box. With a little touching up the box will look amazing. The best part is the inside.

Concert Organ InsideSo amazing. At first I thought the on/off button didn’t work, but it totally does: it turns on when the case is open and off when the case is closed. All the keys work and I can play chords to my hearts delight. I did a little research and found this is a portable air organ. But apart from knowing the brand, presumably “Concert”, there isn’t too much to find out. I’m guessing it’s from the 1950s. I’m just glad it works.

What about Stevie Wonder? Oh yes, the organ had this shoved underneath the box lid.

Concert Organ Stevie Wonder BookYou bet I serenaded Tammy with “I Just Called To Say I Love You!”

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